Call for support, mission” Vigilant and Caring Seafarer”

Vigilant and caring Seafarer

Vigilant and Caring Seafarer : The “Ten Commandments of the Vigilant and Benevolent Boater” have been formalized by the Mayor of Cannes and the President of ECO MER association on April 14, 2018.  These ten commandments need to be applied at sea, which is not a won case !

For this purpose, the association ECO MER is looking for partnerships with superyachts to sponsor its “Vigilant and Caring Seafarer” project, one of the 17 proposals we made to the mayor of Cannes for better environmental quality and safety at sea.

To this effect, we need Yachts Tenders, and Donations to finance their operation and maintenance year-round so that our  “Vigilant Sailor and Benevolent” project can see the light of day!

The volunteer function designated “Vigilant and caring Seafarer”, will have virtually the same role as that of the “watchful neighbors” : Wherever he / she will be at sea, if the “Vigilant and caring Seafarer” finds a situation that reaches one of the 3 themes of the charter, “safety, environment, respect for other users”, he will be able to inform the person of what should be done and will give the boatera copy of the charter of the “ten commandments of the vigilant and benevolent boater”. Depending on the person’s attitude, he / she will take care not to put himself or herself in difficulty with his / her safety:  keep a positive attitude of prevention initiative,  so as not to arrive to  a conflictual situation. A helpline number will be set up for the “Vigilant and caring Seafarer“. He / she will not have a repressive role . The adapted services of law exist already, but he / she will nevertheless be able to make a “statement of facts” and transmit it to the competent authorities through the commission of the quality charter directed by the association ECO MER, which will carry out a follow-up and a report of this action. The choice of the “Vigilant and caring Seafarers” will be made by the association ECO MER which will set up training courses to the contents of the charter of the “Ten Commandments of the Vigilant and Benevolent Boater”, and to the pedagogy to apply.

Contact : tel +33(0)6 84 76 84 53