Solidarity and Circular Environment Economy

We are very pleased to inform you that we have become distributors of “Hepburn Bio Yacht Care” products in our Solidarity and Circular Environment Economy program. Hepburn is deeply engaged in providing a Circular Environment Economy and we strongly recommend you use their Bio Yacht Care products.

For every “Hepburn Bio Yacht Care” product, you purchase via our association, “Hepburn Bio Yacht Care” donates 12% of your purchase to ECO MER to help us organize our Yachts du Coeur, Yachts with Heart, Yachts del Cuore logistic between Viareggio, Palma de Majorca and the rest of the world to help out people in need.
To ask for your “Hepburn Bio Yacht Care” brochure to take care of your marine environment and help out people in need, contact us :

EcoMer association organizes the Yachts du Coeur, Yachts with Heart, Yachts del Cuore since 2010.
We collect Yacht Crew donations aboard yachts (clothes, linen, nonperishable food, and drinks) sort, store, and redistributes them to people in need via recognized ONG such as the Red Cross, the Food Bank, Caritas…

In the past, old uniforms were thrown away as yacht owners do not want to see their tagged uniforms on land. We have specialized in rebranding those tagged uniforms by stitching our own badge over the tags and selling the still in good quality Polos to help fund our logistic between Viareggio, Italy and Palma de Majorca, Spain.

We also help sailors in difficulty and promote a sustainable marine ecology via a quality charter we put together with some cities. The results are there: 25 tons of food, or the equivalent of 50000 meals collected since 2010 to the benefit of the Food Bank,45M3 of linen and clothes handed out to the Red Cross, 38m3 of relief products, food, linen, clothes, tools, generators.. collected and transported from the Med. to the Caribbeans by two superyachts to help out the populations in need. We sent a 5.5 tons container full of Yacht Crew donations to the Philippines. We rebuilt a sunken fishing boat from Cannes prud’homie fully recovered and in working condition now afloat.