Eco-Mer’s next Yachts du Coeur events : 

  • 2018-10-13 – Our next Yachts du Coeur event will take place in Port Vauban Antibes  – Despination people in need in the Philippines Islands

Container of hope for the Philippines

  • 2018-11-17 – Then, we will be in Port Canto in company of the Mayor of Cannes for a Yachts du Coeur event with a Caribbean destination.
  • Watch out for our charity evening dinner on the evening of the Cannes event.

 2018-06-30  A total of 20m3 of donations from a yacht captain who owns a yachting company, have just been offered and were passed on successfuly to a handicaped lady in dire need of help.

  • 2018-06-11 Yachts du Coeur Trophy – Vieux Port of Cannes

Each Year, a Yachts du Coeur collectible artwork trophy is given to the Eco-Mer elected most deserving Yacht of the Year. This Year 2018 trophy is to the image of Mother Nature “CERES” and she was given to M/Y Slipstream for her exemplary charitable services given to help out the populations of the hurricanes stricken Caribbean Islands.

Sylvie Wohlgemuth, the “Ideel®” artist who created this years trophy, said :

” I’ve put Mother Nature in full light. May all the people who get close to her do the same !”


ECO-MER attending Environment and Yachts Shows

  • 3rd june 2018  – “Port Canto Fêtes l’environnement” – Port, Canto Cannes

ECO-MER was present at  Port Canto Fêtes l’environnement day to promote our quality charter for the seas in the bay of Cannes and its ten commandments. CANNESs the first  city in the world to use the word caring alongside vigilance when speaking about the sea, thanks to ECO-MER.

Eco-Mer was present at the Marina High Tech to promote seafarers humanitarian and ecological values. We also took the opportunity to launch our quality charter for the seas and its ten commandements, as well as our 1st children’s book called ” Where is the sea urchins family “, a tale about the importance of respecting and protecting our ocean wildelife.

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